KIM GIBBS Corrugated Iron Sculptures 


Above: 'Etty the Ewe' and 'Luke the Lamb' life-sized corrugated iron sculptures. They are designed as a mother and son but have been known to sell separately, much to Etty's distaste. Although the slat design idea is not original to me, my use of it is. These pair are the first I ever made and move around my own backyard according to mowing. They have been re-created several times - Etty $590 and Luke $490

Above: 'Eunice the Ewe' life-sized wire and corrugated iron sculpture. Based on Etty's design and character, Eunice is a completely original design of mine using wire to imitate her wool. This Eunice was SOLD in Canberra, valued at $550

Above: 'Gilbert the Goat' life-sized corrugated iron sculpture, based on the design of Etty the Ewe. SOLD in Ivanhoe, valued at $590

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